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Brandforsk webinarium: Naturliga flamskyddsmedel för textiler, 24 maj

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  • Brandforsk webinarium: Naturliga flamskyddsmedel för textiler, 24 maj

    Brandforsks webinarium "Operational experience from Inhibit fire with molecules from nature – application on textile".

    Datum: Fredag, 24 Maj
    Tid: 08.30 - 10.00
    Plats: Webinarium
    Talare: Anna-Carin Larsson

    The research project has been carried out by Luleå University of Technology.
    The webinar will start with a presentation of the results from the project, about 45 minutes, and will be followed by time for questions and discussions with the researcher. You can read more about the project on our website!​​

    Textiles are an indispensable part of human life and are used in many different consumer products such as clothes, blankets, carpets, bedsheets, and upholstery. Since they are combustible, they will contribute to a large fire load in a room. One way to increase fire safety in homes and public buildings is to use flame retardants. They can delay the onset of a fire, or reduce the rate of fire spread, which gives opportunity for people to extinguish the fire, or escape in time. However, many flame retardants have been banned because they are bad for the health and/or the environment.

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